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 It's a holistic approach with various systems, using imagery and inspiration from truly unique sources, created to make good technique accessible and maintainable.  He believes that a person's potential is only limited by their willingness to pursue it and works to help students see in themselves what he sees.   He stresses instilling a habit of hard work in every aspect of life to ensure success.  His goal is to empassion students by opening their minds and showing them that their greatest obstacle is their own self-doubt.

He believes it should be fun!  One of his favorite sayings is "If it isn't fun, don't do it!"  However, Marquette takes seriously his responsibility to  educate on as many levels as possible.   Not only will he teach your students to move in new ways, he'll work to build their  confidence and give them a new perspective on dance and life that will keep them energized for months.  He brings a positive and challenging energy to teaching in order  to create an experience his students often tell him reignites their love of dance. 

Marquette's classes have been called inspirational and empowering and his teaching has taken him all over the world.   You can see where he's been and where he's going next, as well as video of some of Jason's classes on the News page of this site.  If you'd like to hear what people think of his classes, check out the Teaching page of this website located under Testimonials on the main menu.

Jason Marquette

Contact Jason at
(732) 334-8748

If it's an amazing training experience you're looking for, Jason is available for private lessons and workshops.  Marquette always brings his A Game when he teaches and is passionate about what he does.  He has spent the last 18 years developing his  teaching philosophy.